Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems


Ultra Electronic is a world leader in the manufacturing of solutions for undersea surveillance, magneto inductive technology and infrastructure optimization and protection.  For more information visit


In partnership with Ultra, the UW-STREAM lab is developing solutions to communicate realibliy over a long range to an underwater moving platform.  

General Dynamics Canada


For more than 60 years, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada has delivered unique, innovative products that have solved complex technology problems for the armed forces in Canada and over 20 countries, from NATO to the Pacific Rim. For more information


Vemco designs and manufactures fish tracking and monitoring equipment to study the behaviour and migration of animals in lakes, rivers and oceans.  For more information, visit


Rimot provides remote monitoring for land mobile radio services. Specfiically, RimotRF is a turnkey remote monitoring service that provides continuous data for better real-time decision making, and overall smarter remote asset management. 

Jasco Applied Sciences


JASCO Applied Sciences provides consulting and research services for assessing and mitigating underwater noise. Since its origin in 1981, JASCO has been developing and implementing acoustic technologies ranging from advanced acoustic recorder design to complex acoustic modelling algorithms to comprehensive field monitoring and data analysis. For more information, visit


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