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Real-Time Marine Mammal Detection
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The lab is currently working with FORCE on the development of a real-time marine mammal localization sensor.  In the Summer 2019, we deployed a 5-element acoustic sensor in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia for 7 days.  Several species were detected. The animals were particularly active at night.

Here is an audio sample of the recordings:



We are also developing localization algorithms for harbour porpoises. Harbour porpoise clicks can be observed on our sensor array. 


























Stay tuned for progress reports on this project.  

Since the Summer 2019, the UW-STREAM is working with Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems towards the development of signal processing techniques to communicate covertly between subsea wireless platforms. The communication network relies on acoustic transmission for long-range propagation, and magnetic induction for a short range relay link.  Please contact the lab director for more information.  

A Covert Underwater Communication Network
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