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Selected Refereed journal publications

[J1] Mojgan Mirzaei Hotkani, Seyed Alireza Seyedin, J-F Bousquet, "Underwater object localization using the spinning propeller noise of ships based on the Wittekind model", International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, February 2020

[J2] N. Gaoding, J-F Bousquet, "Design of a CMOS 65‐nm inductor‐less VCO for ISM applications in the VHF band", Int. J. Circ. Theory Appl. 2020; pp. 1-12

[J3] H. Ghannadrezaii, J-F Bousquet, “Maximizing Network Coverage in a Multichannel Short-range Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network”, Elsevier Computer Networks, vol. 160, pp. 1-10

[J4] S. Kieh, J-F Bousquet, Michael Cada, A. Shahabi, M. Ali Kieh, “Analysis and Design of Different Methods to Reach Optimum Power in Butler Matrix”, International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences 12(02):19-35

[J5] H. Roudsari; J-F Bousquet, “A Time-Varying Filter for Doppler Compensation Applied to Underwater Acoustic OFDM.”, Sensors 2019, 19, 105.

[J6] X. Liu and J.-F Bousquet, “Symbol Timing and Carrier Frequency Recovery Based on Entropy Minimization”, in IEEE Access, Sep. 2018.

[J7] M. Parvizi, S. Aouini, M. S. Mahani, N. Ben-Hamida, J. F. Bousquet and C. Kurowski, "An Under Sampling Scope for Characterization of 42-Gs/s DAC in 28-nm FD-SOI", in IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 621-623, July 2018.

[J8] Saheb, Z., El-Masry, E. Bousquet, J. (2016). “Analysis and Design of Simultaneous Dual Band Harvesting System with Enhanced Efficiency”. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index 113, International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering, 10(5), 635 - 639.

[J9] J. F. Bousquet, “A 10-Gbps Energy Efficient On-Chip Wireless Communication Network for Multicore Processing”, Scientific & Academic Publishing, September 2014.

[J10] J. F. Bousquet, S. Magierowski, G. G Messier, “A 4-GHz Active Scatterer in 130-nm CMOS for Phase Sweep Amplify-and-Forward”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System I, no. 99, pp. 1-12, October 2011.

[J11] Z. Zhao, J. F. Bousquet, S. Magierowski, “100-GHz Parametric CMOS Frequency Doubler”, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Component Letters, vol. 20, no. 12, pp. 690-692, December 2010.

Selected Refereed conference publications


[C1] N. Gaoding, J-F. Bousquet, A 0.65-V, 65-nm CMOS Technology 4th-Order Tunable Bandpass Filter for Acoustic Applications, accepted at IEEE Intl. Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Dallas, USA

[C2] H. Ghannadrezaii, J-F. Bousquet, I. Haque. “Cross-layer Design for Software-defined Underwater Acoustic Networking”, accepted for student poster competition at Oceans 2019, in Marseille, France. 

[C3] N. Gaoding, J-F Bousquet, A Fully Integrated Sub-GHz Inductor-less VCO with a Frequency Doubler, 2018 25th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS), Bordeaux, France, December 2018

[C4] Egbewande and J-F Bousquet, "Multipath Ambient Noise Characterization for Underwater Acoustic Communications", MTS/IEEE Oceans, Charleston, USA, Oct. 22-25 2018.

[C5] S. R. Padyath Ravindran, J-F Bousquet and N. Gaoding, “Measurement of a 3D Coil Applied to Underwater Magneto-Inductive Communication", at MTS/IEEE Oceans, Charleston, USA, Oct. 22-25 2018.

[C6] S. Singh, H. Ghannadrezaii and J-F Bousquet, "Channel Access Model to Predict Impact of Authentication Attack on AIS", MTS/IEEE Oceans, Charleston, USA, Oct. 22-25 2018.

[C7] H. Ghannadrezaii and J-F Bousquet, "Securing a Janus-Based Flooding Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks", MTS/IEEE Oceans, Charleston, USA, Oct. 22-25 2018.

[C8] Egbewande, A., Bousquet, J-F., “An Adaptive Space-Time Filter for a Single-Carrier Communication System Based on a Realistic Acoustic Measurement”, ACM WUWNet, Halifax, Nov. 2017

[C9] Gaoding, N., Bousquet, J-F., “A Compact Magneto-Inductive Coil Antenna Design for Underwater Communications”, submitted to ACM WUWNet, Halifax, Nov. 2017

[C10] Bousquet, J-F, “Characterization of Communication Channel Conditions over Varying Ranges as Long as 10 km”, Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing workshop, Providence, Rhode Island, October 2017

[C11] Egbewande, A., Bousquet, J-F., “Optimum Space-Time Filter Performance using a Realistic Noise Model of the Ambient Environment”, Underwater Acoustic Conference & Exhibit, Skiathos, Greece, Nov. 2017

[C12] Habib Roudsari, J-F Bousquet, G. McIntyre, “Channel Model for Wideband Time-Varying Underwater Acoustic Systems”, OCEANS'17 MTS/IEEE Aberdeen, UK, 3rd Best Paper Award.

[C13] Yibin Wang, Andrew A. Dobbin and Jean-Francois Bousquet, “A Compact Low-Power Underwater Magneto-Inductive Modem”, ACM WUWNet 2016, Shanghai, Oct. 2016

[C14] Jean-Francois Bousquet and Xiao Liu, “Predicting the performance of a dual-band bi-directional transceiver for shallow water deployments”, in ACM WUWNet 2016, Shanghai, Oct. 2016

[C15] Zina Saheb, Ezz El-Masry, Jean-François Bousquet, “A 75-Mbps Dual Tuning 8PSK/QPSK Transmitter using Injection Locking and RF Phase Modulation”, ISCAS, May 2017, Baltimore

[C16] Z. Saheb, E. El-Masry and J. F. Bousquet, "Ultra-low voltage and low power ring oscillator for wireless sensor network using CMOS varactor," 2016 IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE), Vancouver, BC, 2016, pp. 1-5.

[C17] X. Liu, J-F. Bousquet, “Acoustic Doppler Compensation using Feedforward Retiming for Underwater Coherent Transmission”, 2015 MTS/IEEE Oceans, Dec. 2014.

[C18] G. McIntyre, J-F. Bousquet, C. Loadman and S. Blouin, “Low Power Beamforming for Underwater Acoustic Sensing Using a 5-Element Circular Hydrophone Array”, 2015 MST/IEEE Oceans, Dec. 2014.

[C19] G. McIntyre, J-F. Bousquet and J. Quirion, “Time-Variant Acoustic Propagation Modelling for Coherent MIMO Transmission”,  submitted to 2015 MST/IEEE Oceans, December 2014.

[C20] J-F. Bousquet, G. McIntyre, Xiao Liu, B. MacDonald and J. Quirion, “Time-Variant Acoustic Propagation Characterization in Seaport Deployments”, 2015 IEEE CCECE, November 2014.

[C21] T. Gwynne-Timothy and J-F. Bousquet, “Wireless Transmitter Bandwidth Extension using Dynamically Varying Capacitors”, 2015 IEEE CCECE, November 2014, nominated for Best Student Paper.

[C22] L. Erdogan and J-F. Bousquet, “Dynamic Bandwidth Extension of Coil for Underwater Magneto-Inductive Communication”, 2014 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium, June 2014.

[C23] J-F. Bousquet, S. Aouini, N. Ben-Hamida, “A 32-nm CMOS frequency locked loop for 20-GHz synthesis with ± 7.6 ppm resolution”, 2013 IEEE Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Symposium, pp. 1-4, Oct. 13-16 2013.


Patents/ Invention Disclosures

[P1] J.F. Bousquet, “Method and System for Extending the Bandwidth of a Resonant Antenna”, June 2015, WIPO (PCT) Patent CA2015/050590 (80671W-90)



Non Refereed Conference Presentations


[NR1] Underwater Acoustics Conference & Exhibit, “A MIMO Underwater Acoustic MIMO Implementation with Space-Time Block Coding”, invited paper, Crete Island, Greece, Jun. 2019

[NR2] Dalhousie 2017 IISE Symposium, “Développement de systèmes de communication sous-marine - Un processus de design expérimental”, Jan 2017.

[NR2] Maritime Acoustic Symposium, Halifax, “Underwater Acoustic Communications: from Algorithms to Implementation”, June 2016

[NR3] Maritime Acoustic Symposium, Halifax, “Digital signal processing for underwater acoustic communications”, June 2014

[NR4] Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Halifax, “Underwater acoustic transceivers”, October 2013

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