Underwater communications

Combining long-range acoustics with low-latency magnetic-inductive
to enable heterogeneous sensor networks.
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Integrated circuits and System on-chip

Enabling low-power communication systems with low-complexity
front-ends on CMOS technology combined with adaptive signal processing on SoC.
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An Internet of Underwater Things application to locate harbour porpoises, marine mammals, and ships.
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News and updates

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Ocean Frontier Institute seed fund day

Tanaka presented our hardware-in-the-loop simulator that is used to diagnose sailboat behaviour, including that of the SeaLeon when it was launched during the 2018 MicroTransant competition.

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Visit to NRCEME Labs

Ehsan and Jean-Francois visited the National Research Canada Energy, Mining and Environment labs in Boucherville to observe the previous photo-acoustic sensor prototype first-hand. It was very insightful and we plan to build on this as part of the OFI Graduate Excellence Network.

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Presentation of our work at the Acoustical Society of America Meeting in Chicago

We shared our research on an ASIC for measuring oceanic ambient noise and using power spectral density and other metrics to monitor environmental conditions. This work contributes to standardizing ocean sound as a crucial variable for climate change monitoring.

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